Who is the most powerful influence in your child's life? You.

Believe it or not, you have more influence on your children than friends, music and celebrities. Teens say the #1 reason they don't use alcohol or other drugs is that they don't want to disappoint their parents.

Now that you know the influence you have, click on the Parents tab for tips on how to start talking, and keep talking, to your child, teen or young adult.


Latest Information

Doctor has important message for parents about teens and marijuana

Dr. Leslie Walker with Seattle Children's hospital recently recorded a video message for parents about marijuana, teens and addiction.  Hear what she has to say about the real impacts of marijuana on teens, and what parents can do.   

With poisonings on the rise, parents reminded to lock up marjuana edibles

The Washington Poison Center is warning parents about an increase in calls about kids accidentally eating marijuana-edibles. 

A variety of candy-style products exist in the medical marijuana market. Marijuana-edibles can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types that often resemble traditional candies and sweets in their product name and/or appearance, such as brownies, candy bars, cookies, and gummy bears. Both medical and recreational marijuana contain enough THC, the active chemical in marijuana, to cause symptoms in both kids and adults

"The percentage of marijuana exposures among kids ages 1-12 has increased since 2013 from 39% to 47% and represents an alarming trend,” said Dr. Alex Garrard, Clinical...

How to prevent alcohol and drug use in three easy steps:


Children who feel close to their parents are less likely to use alcohol, marijuana or other drugs.

Set Boundaries

Set clear rules and expectations about no alcohol or drug use.


Ask who, what, when and where.