Let's Draw the Line

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Castle Rock C.A.R.E. - Coffee Sleeve With Social Norms Message - Spring 2013

Tenino/Bucoda Healthy Action Team Poster

Tenino-Bucoda Healthy Action Team - It Takes Us All - Spring 2013

Castle Rock, minors, alcohol, parents

Castle Rock C.A.R.E. - 93% Of Parents Would Not Allow Minors To Drink Alcohol - Spring 2013

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Aki Kurose Middle School (Seattle) - 7 Out Of 10 Tenth Graders Don't Drink Alcohol - Spring 2013

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Rainier Community Cares - How Do We Make This 100 percent? - Spring 2013

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Chief Sealth International High School (Seattle) - Above It All - Spring 2013

Castle Rock, minors, alcohol, parents

Castle Rock C.A.R.E. - Did You Hear The Good News? - Spring 2013

Tenino, Bucoda, minors, alcohol, parents

Tenino-Bucoda Healthy Action Team - Be Responsible Even If No One Is Watching - Spring 2013


This website provides information for parents and community members about the risks of underage drinking and proven ways we can help more teens.

New Toolkit for Preventing Underage Marijuana Use

Are you waiting for your kids to talk to you about marijuana?  Now that marjuana is legal in Washington for those who are 21 and older, it's more important than ever for parents to talk with their kids about not using marijuana. 

A new toolkit, Preventing Underage Marijuana Use, is now available for educating middle and high-school aged youth and their parents about the health and safety risks for young people, and about Washington's marijuana law.

The toolkit...

42 community groups participated in Let's Draw the Line and Law Enforcement Partnerships 2014!

34 community groups implemented a variety of Let's Draw the Line Between Youth and Alcohol activities, including community rallies and media campaigns. More than 260 Community Assessment of Neighborhood Stores (CANS) surveys were completed.

8 Law Enforcement Partnerships communities conducted 161 alcohol compliance checks where underage individuals attempt to purchase alcohol and 79 alcohol purchase surveys where young looking adults test whether they are asked for their identification when purchasing alcohol. Retailers improved their compliance check performance from 83.6% in the first round of checks to 88.6% in the second round.

Help your teen have a prom and graduation to remember

By Sharon Foster and Michael Langer

Prom night.  Graduation!  You want these milestones to be fun and memorable for your teen.  But you also worry about their safety at after-event parties, and for good reason.  The most dangerous time of year for teens is from prom night to graduation, especially when it comes to drinking and driving.  So let's keep our teens safe by being informed and prepared.

While most teens will make healthy choices, some may think of prom and graduation night as a “rite of passage” that should include alcohol.  One reason for this is that the alcohol industry spends over $5 billion on ads each year - ads which often imply that drinking alcohol will...