You are the most powerful influence
in your child's life.

Teens say the main reason they don't use alcohol or marijuana is because they do not want to disappoint their parents.

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Help your teens stay healthy and safe over summer

Summer vacation is here, which means teens will be spending more time out and about doing fun things with friends.  Summertime can also mean less supervision, and a greater chance your teen will have access to alcohol, marijuana or other drugs. 

When teens use alcohol, marijuana or other drugs, they can become...

How well do you know Washington's marijuana law? Radio campaign gives parents the facts

A new radio campaign to raise awareness about Washington State's recreational marijuana law will air in most areas of the state from April 18 through May 20.

In the radio ad, Dr. Leslie Walker, Chief of the...

How to prevent alcohol and marijuana use in three easy steps:


Children who feel close to their parents are less likely to use alcohol and marijuana.

Set Boundaries

Set clear rules and expectations about no alcohol or marijuana use.


Ask who, what, when and where.